Saturday 19 December 2009

Things I Learned From My Students #2: Christmas 2009

Don't ask me how, but I survived the first term of teaching. And I managed to make enough of an impression to be asked to coordinate a new Level 1 (pre-GCSE) science course next term. I'll be branching out from Biology to teach general science (scientific units, method, how to draw apparatus etc) and a bit of Physics (space travel!), which I will thoroughly enjoy! Anyway, on with this half term's things I learned...
  1. Teenage boys are very often much better behaved than teenage girls.
  2. Not only does the word "dinosaur" have numerous different spellings, but my own name does too.
  3. There are some young people who have never heard of LOLcats.
  4. Younger students can easily be controlled by pointing to the lab skeleton and commenting that it was all that was left of the last student to answer me back.
  5. Hermaphrodites are the most fascinating subject ever.
  6. This is closely followed by brains.
  7. The precipitation on the day of the quadrat-throwing fieldwork is inversely proportional to the uptake of students for A-Level Biology.
  8. Some students know the most amazing facts, such as the ins and outs of the Battle of Thermopylae and the evolutionary history of the coelacanth (same student)!
  9. Kids of any age love playing "hangman" with new words.
  10. Dance music sounds just as dire in Korean as it does in English.
  11. Seeing my students get interviews and offers at universities fills me with more pride than I ever knew I was capable of.
  12. All the scientific literacy I embed in their brains will not stop them from genuinely believing the world will end in 2012.
  13. Apparently I get locked in the prep room overnight and at weekends.
  14. I am the only Biology lecturer who can identify blowflies.
  15. No teacher can compete with snow falling outside the lab window.
  16. It's probably just best if I don't tell the kids what is in haggis.

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