Sunday 27 December 2009

Fractal Christmas Dinner

I did it. I finally got to try a Romanesco broccoli!

Paul and I had it with our roast pheasant for Christmas dinner. It does taste very similar to a cross between regular broccoli and cauliflower. And the fractal effect is even more noticeable with the Romanesco than it is with cauliflower or broccoli.

They are expensive to buy - about twice the price of regular broccoli at our local farm shop. But fortunately we have an allotment now, so we can grow our own!

Anyone else have any cool science food for Christmas dinner?


  1. Actually. More interested in the pheasant... how was it? I bought two last year and it set me back 80 bucks. But man they were delish! More recent pheasant explorations were, sadly, not as fruitful.

  2. The pheasant was excellent, although it was responsible for 24 hours of appalling flatulence on the part of me and my husband. Possibly on account of it being a native (or long-standing immigrant) bird, we got ours for £5. I wouldn't expect to pay more than £10 for a brace of them. Yours were very expensive!

  3. Ah yes. Such is the (literal) price of living in San Francisco and purchasing said Pheasant from expensive, holistic, free range, organic, butcher numero uno (Golden Gate Meats). Probably should have just bought a hunting license and blasted one myself. Happily, we experienced none of the flatulence you mention... perhaps that's why they were so expensive--they were de-gassed.


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