Saturday 20 August 2011

When Palaeontologists Drink

Yesterday evening we were joined for dinner by Dave Hone, who very kindly brought over a bottle of gin and associated accoutrements for making G&Ts. Well, it would have been rude to refuse...

He also brought the green ice cube tray above, so we could have palaeontologically-themed G&Ts. That's a Tyrannosaurus; we have the blue Triceratops as well.

There's the skull. If you ever wanted to know what the palm of Dave's right hand looked like, well - now you know. Paul also showed off our dinosaur chocolate moulds and dinosaur cake mould. We could have got out the cookie cutters, glasses, mugs, egg cups and towels, but that might have been too much nerdery in one go.

Plus the steaks were ready.


  1. haha! i love your blog, i read bits here & there when i see it tweeted on le twittersphere. i wanna be a palaeotype, though im not sure yet =/ i also want funky ice cube trays...

    L x

  2. "When palaeontologists drink" sounds like the worst reality show since this one:

  3. Or just the tagline for SVP?


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