Friday 16 April 2010

Inkasaurus Rex

After nearly a decade of wanting a Camarasaurus skull tattooed on my back, I have one. I spent about two and a half hours in the chair yesterday (getting about halfway through Rachel Carson's "The Silent Spring" in the process) in order to get this beauty:

I am indebted to the wonderful Darek at Ouch! Tattoo, who does the most amazing black and grey designs. He dubbed my Metasequoia cone a "freaky freaky tattoo" when he did it a year ago, and was equally nonplussed about doing a dinosaur skull (but I think he really enjoyed doing it). I would strongly advise anyone in London looking for a palaeo-tattoo to check out his work and take along some ideas to him.

I'm now all wrapped up in cling-film (just because of where the tattoo is - I was advised to do this for a few days so it doesn't get rubbed by the waistband of my trousers) and wondering if this could help me lose a bit of weight too!

Needless to say, something like that hurts like a bastard to be done as the bone is so close to the skin, and although I don't understand the superficial nerves of the back it's always fascinating to see where the human body thinks the pain sensation is coming from!


  1. I won't ask why a tatoo as I'm prbably too old to understand, but why Camarasaurus. I looked it up on wiki and it doesn't seem particulary exciting, but then T-REX or a raptor would seem rather common I suppose. I've always liked Ankylosaur's.

  2. Because I adore sauropods and out of all of them I think the Camarasaurus skull is the most beautiful. I haven't seen many sauropod tattoos, but the internet is littered with theropod and ceratopsian ones.

  3. Great ink! I do a weekly feature on my blog called "Tattoo Tuesdays," I was wondering if I could feature your tattoo and your blog this coming week? I'm also featuring a tattoo from one of the administrator's at Art Evolved on Tuesday. I think it would make a cool post. Here's a link to last week's:

  4. Awesome tattoo, Julia. Next time you get one, may I recommend Emla cream (spelling?). When I get IVs, I smear it my arm two hours beforehand and cover it with a Tegaderm patch. Two hours later, all the nerve endings are dead to the world for several hours, and I don't feel a thing when the tube goes in.

    Something to consider!

  5. Brilliant work! Have you told Carl Zimmer about it?

  6. Chris, I'm going to get on to Carl Zimmer asap! He's already got my footprints, so he needs my skull!

  7. T-Rexy, I would be honoured to be part of your Tattoo Tuesday! Are you aware that this isn't my only palaeo-tattoo? I have the Ardley narrow-gauge sauropod tracks on my foot and a Metasequoia glyptostroboides cone on my wrist?

    Zach, as a general rule we get advised not to use any anaesthetic cream as it alters the skin slightly so a tattoo could be distorted. One of the other tattooists had ordered an anaesthetic cream though to test out on himself to see how it works, and I guess if it's pretty good then they'll be using it themselves. I wouldn't hesitate to have some if I was having a piercing though!

    And Neil, yes I am a rockstar!!! :-)


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