Monday 19 April 2010

Ask A Biologist Relaunched

Today is the start of the summer term, which in the UK signifies the start of the exams. My students will be sitting GCSE exams from mid-May onwards and A-Level exams from the end of May onwards.

Coincidentally, the superb website Ask A Biologist has been relaunched today, with spiffy new layout, content and super-fast clickability.

So if you're a student with a burning question (e.g. "What happens if you have two Y chromosomes?"), a teacher with a student who has just asked a question that's completely floored you (e.g. "How do snails have sex?"), or a member of the public wanting to bypass the journalists and talk directly to the scientists, go and ask a biologist!


  1. Oh, thanks for posting this.

    I remember something about snail sex; it involves hermaphroditic sex and genitals behind the head and other squicky stuff. Yes?

  2. Something like that - I shall await my best friend's inevitable visit to the blog, whereupon she will no doubt educate us on it (she's about to defend her PhD thesis on snails, so one hopes she knows a bit about how the little blighters get jiggy).

  3. Don't they hang out down at the snail bar, get drunk and say things like "hey baby, grab your shell, you've pulled"?


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