Thursday 13 December 2012


I worry.

I worry about my students.

I worry that, after all that they've done, the students I've prepped for interview at top universities won't get offers.

I worry that my prospective vet student just won't manage to pull three A grades out of the bag.

I worry that this is my fault for failing to teach him properly.

I worry that trying will do him more harm than good.

I worry that some of my students will slip through my fingers because I'm too busy trying to hold on to some other students.

I worry about the pressure of the HND programme on my frayed nerves.

I worry that Michael Gove is going to do to teachers what Thatcher did to miners.

I worry that it's been so long since I ate proper food that I have a vitamin deficiency.

I worry about why the staff in Domino's know me and Paul by name and our usual order.

I worry that I spend too long at work and not enough time at home with Paul.

I worry that Paul spends too long at work and not enough time at home with me.

I worry about the results.

I worry about the feedback.

I worry about how long I can keep this up.

I worry that Ofsted might be just around the corner.

I worry that I am not, in fact, an excellent teacher, and that all I do is entertain while relying on nothing more than charisma to engage the students.

I worry that I am a charlatan, an imposter, a pretender.

I worry that nothing I do as a teacher is ever good enough.

I worry that I'm too emotionally involved with my students' education.

I worry that one day I'm going to punch a colleague in the defence of one of my students.

I worry about burnout.

I worry that I have slowly regressed to the lifestyle, hours and vices that I had as a PhD student.

I worry about dying young.

I worry that I'm doing this not to impart enthusiasm and knowledge to the next generation but to surround myself with admirers.

I worry that I'm the cool teacher.

I worry that I'm not the cool teacher.

I worry that my hair will break from the bleach and dye.

I worry that underneath the bleach and dye my hair is grey.

I worry for the welfare of the young people I teach.

I worry that they will have their hearts broken.

I worry that sometimes I'm the one who does that.

I worry about worrying.


  1. Replies
    1. A little, I think, coupled with the end of a very long term. This too shall pass...

    2. This too shall pass. Hey, I think the current batch is ready for testing. Wanna arrange a time and place?

    3. It's the last week of term this week, so if you want to use lab equipment this week is best. Wednesday afternoon I'll just have the A2s in until 4:40, so towards the end of that would be great.

      If it's more informal testing you're after then any time after Friday!!

    4. Wednesday would be perfect then if you're around. Any time after 4pm if I can get reception to let you find your own way up. I'll have probably finished bollocking the A2s for their dismal mock results by then...

    5. Okie doke. Reception have no problem letting me in. Presumably they think I'm on NUS business.

  2. In other news, you might wanna pass this link around your mob. There's a window of 12 days wherein Kew Gardens are giving free entry if you pre-book.

    1. Thanks for this - a few people have passed it my way. Think a few might be interested.


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