Saturday 20 October 2012

The Many Vices Of Steve

Every biology teaching lab should have a skeleton. The best lab skeletons have names. My skeleton is Steve.

Steve has featured in a number of outgoing class photos, and it is a joy for me each September to see how long it will be before the new students try to make Steve grope his non-existent breasts. Just over a year ago, the Class of 2011 decided to show one of Steve's peccadilloes - in this case, it was bestiality:

He likes Halloween, and was most impressed with his outfit:

And in the absence of a Christmas tree, he gallantly stepped up to be covered in decorations:

Courtesy of the Class of 2012, Steve lost his head and indulged in a bit of fisting:

But on Friday it all got a bit too much for him, and my HND class made him into a NEET:

After many years, two dislocated shoulders, a missing atlas and a pigeon chest, Steve is retiring. He has been replaced by Steve 2, who is taller, better put together, and crucially this time, actually a male skeleton. Steve 1 is coming back to Jurassic Towers, which will be his forever home.


  1. Occurs to me we missed a trick by not arranging him as to be getting a kneeling beej from that half-flayed mannequin with the removal viscera. Poor Steve.

  2. So I seem to have come into possession of an Arum italicum. You want it? Be a shame to kill it after Twitter took pains to identify it.

    1. Sure - maybe putting it on the lab windowsill will make me less likely to kill it myself! :)

    2. Okie doke. Once I've potted it though I'm gonna let it sit before transporting it, lest it get too many shocks at once.

  3. Pic 4 still makes me think of Hogfather.


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