Friday 1 July 2011

Teaching The Art Of Tequila Shots

For various reasons perhaps not lost on my Twitter followers, Paul and I were wondering how one would go about teaching a class of students how to do tequila shots. We're talking the classic salt-tequila-lemon/lime combo, often referred to in the UK as a tequila slammer (although I know there is a difference between this sort and a true slammer).

It'd work well as a microteach, mainly because after the big practical activity none of the students would be particularly capable of a positive learning experience. Note to non-UK readers - "ECM" stands for "Every Child Matters", five student welfare points we need to include within our lessons (it's a little academic given that all the students will be over 18, but even in FE it's good to use ECM in lesson plans).

So 25 minutes to teach the ancient art of tequila shots...

Class Information
Class size: no more than six (because their lecturer is not made of money)
Class age: all must be over the age of 18, advise equal mix of male and female
Extra support identified: lightweight drinkers to be given extra support and strong coffee

Learning outcomes
By the end of the session, students will be able to:
  • Identify the alcohol and accompaniments in a tequila shot
  • Describe the difference between the major types of tequila
  • Select and prepare a tequila shot
  • Demonstrate smooth and accurate performance of a tequila shot

0-5 mins
Introduction and ice-breaker: students to brainstorm the proper accompaniments to tequila shots
Suggest students work in pairs or threes to identify the three ingredients
Use of assertive questioning techniques to achieve whole-class participation (ECM: Make A Positive Contribution)
Extension for more able students to put the ingredients in order

5-10 mins
Teacher-led interactive whiteboard presentation on the definition of tequila and its production in Mexico (Equality & Diversity)
Overview of the different types of tequila: silver, gold, rested, aged and extra aged
Pass around examples of each tequila for students to taste - students to decide which tequila they wish to use in their shots, considering taste and financial implications (ECM: Be Happy, Achieve Economic Well-Being)

10-20 mins
Main activity - students to observe demonstration of tequila shot by teacher
Consideration of health hazards of salt (increased risk of CVD), tequila (flammable, plus effect on body) and citrus fruit (low pH, irritant to eyes and broken skin) - students to complete a risk assessment (Health and safety, ECM: Stay Safe)
Students perform tequila shot - teacher to make one-to-one observations on student technique and appropriate suggestions to improve on this
Students to repeat practical performance until deemed competent by teacher

20-25 mins
Plenary and recap on learning outcomes
Declaration by students that they love their lecturer, and she's their best friend
Class dismissed

One Tequila, Two Tequila,Three Tequila  FLOOR

Students to investigate other means of imbibing tequila, to demonstrate at the next lesson


  1. for those who doubt, i was one of the test subjects for this new syllabus, i haven't been properly sober since. 100% success rate.

  2. And how are you getting on with the homework?


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