Saturday 18 June 2011

Gecko On My Feet

Everyone should have an awesome friend who knits. Usch is my awesome friend. She and I met at Cambridge, studying earth sciences, and found ourselves at Imperial for our masters in linked disciplines. She has shared the happiest times of my life, and my moments of deepest despair.

I came home from work the other day to see a package from Australia - a belated birthday present from her. Look what was inside!

They fit perfectly, of course (Usch is very good at this sort of thing), and she rather wanted to see them with Jabba for scale. This is quite a logistical operation, but the lizard only grumbled a little bit when we lifted him out of his viv, and there wasn't even a dirty protest this time.

He doesn't like looking at the camera much, and seemed more fascinated by Paul's left armpit:

Eventually, he was persuaded that my feet were okay to perch on (yes, my feet are small, but he's a big fat monster of a gecko):

And then he decided "sod this for a game of soldiers" and stomped off in search of waxworms.

Thank you so much Usch - these are the best socks ever!


  1. I love those photos! I'm so glad they fit :) <3

  2. They are awesome. And if you'd like to use any of the photos, feel free. If you click on the pics then you'll go through to the Picasa page, and there are one or two others that didn't make it on here. :)


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