Saturday 14 May 2011

Microteaches #3: A-Level Exams Begin

AS Biology is the first exam of the season, and it's happening on Monday. Precisely 0% of my students showed up to the final class before the exams, so I hope the little sods were all at home busily revising.

Maybe they'd find this video, linked from Seven Deadly Synapses, useful for reading pedigrees:

My A2s will be leaving by 10th June, and I wanted to get them something to remember me by. They've been a small group (no more than 10 students) and we've all got to know each other well (they were the darlings that pretended I was their adoptive mother to get free cake at Nandos). So I bought them each a copy of "Do We Need Pandas?" - the crapness of pandas has been something of a running joke throughout the year. And in each copy, I wrote the same words my A-Level biology teacher wrote to me 13 years ago:

Myosotis arvensis should sum up my message to them quite nicely...

I submitted my abstract for this year's SVP meeting in Las Vegas: "Teaching Evolution To Diverse Groups Of Students: Opportunities And Threats". I've put it down for the E&O Poster Session - really hope it gets accepted. It's formed part of my PGCE course this year, so I'll have a short paper to around the time of the conference itself.

On the subject of conferences, if this is what climate scientists get up to when they all meet up then it's clear that SVP need to up their game:


  1. Haha, it would be fantastic to see a bunch of paleontologists rapping about how evolution is true.

  2. Maybe we need to arrange this for Vegas. I have zero talent for writing songs but I'd be happy to coordinate the efforts of more talented souls than myself.

  3. Not as elaborate, but probably a step in the general direction:

  4. Blimey - each in their own key! I think we can improve on that...


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