Sunday 6 March 2011

My Favourite Geological Picture

Ann is calling for our "favorite geologic pictures" for the Accretionary Wedge. So here's one of my top ones (Coral Pink Sand Dunes has already been submitted) - a unique choice, I think you'll agree:

It is what appears to be an enormous fossilised penis. On a very crude level (usually the one at which my students operate) this goes some way towards making this my fave. It's from the Lulworth fossil forest on the Jurassic Coast in the UK. The forest is mid-Jurassic, flooded when sea levels rose. What we have is a somewhat amusing arrangement of a fallen tree trunk flanked by two rings of algae.

This geological knowledge did not stop my fellow students from behaving like children, including one who decided he was going to lie in the tree trunk as though about to be ejaculated into the English Channel.

So here's mine - the first known CDC in the fossil record.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for joining the Accretionary Wedge parade. This was a fun picture. I'm glad you joined in.
    The parade is up at the AW website.


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