Wednesday 16 February 2011

Fearsome Beast

Not many people have the level of insight into the life of a leopard gecko, but Paul and I are lucky. Jabba has frequently shared his innermost thoughts with us, including his enjoyment of nature documentaries, his preference for waxworms over superworms, and his serious allergy to being bathed.

Yesterday he told us that his absolute hero was "Supercroc", Sarcosuchus imperator, and that he had been practising his best impersonation. Compare this image:

With Supercroc's pose in this painting. What a clever boy he is! As you can imagine we were very scared indeed, given that it appeared that a massive reptile several hundred times the size of our tiny gecko had materialised in our living room that evening.

Alternatively, he could just be yawning...


  1. That is awesome. I'm snagging that photo for future reference.

  2. A lepidosaur doing a nice archosaur impression!

  3. I've also spotted him sleeping in the same position as one of the crocodiles at our local wildlife rescue centres: front legs alongside his body with the palms of his hands facing up. Which is adorable.

    By all means, Scott! :)


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