Thursday 22 July 2010

Educational Toy Fail

I am a bit of a sucker for globes. I've just asked my dad to order me three inflatable ones from County Supplies. I rescued the globe my grandparents gave me some 25 years ago, and brought it home with me from my parents' house at the weekend. I am mesmerised at how our delineations of the continents has changed in that time. My students, for the most part, do not remember:
  • The USSR
  • West and East Germany
  • Yugoslavia
  • The non-existence of Eritrea as a country

Because I can sit and look at a globe for hours, it saddens me when I see bits of fail in such incredible pieces of kit. Admittedly, the globe itself is pretty good, but this was worthy of a photograph and a pithy comment when I saw it in the stationers earlier this week:

What is this mysterious animal, the Camouflage? I do not doubt that it is highly adapted to its surroundings, but the mind certainly boggles. Perhaps some of my palaeo-artist friends, in a spare five minutes (when you're on the nest would be fine) would like to knock up a quick sketch of a Camouflage for our amusement and lols? Extra points if you can draw something very definitely not suitable for a child's bedroom.


  1. It must be new to science, especially if it's so good at hiding.

  2. Ah marketing people, they always amuse.

  3. *instantly thinks of a bunch of hilarious, and occassionally inappropriate, drawings or pictures or photos he could do*

    I shall take this challenge.

  4. Knew I could count on you Zach!


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