Saturday 23 January 2010

The Geckos Arrive

This morning we brought the geckos home. The tank is nice and warm on one side and room temperature on the other side as advised. It was a scary journey home with them - if I could have driven at 10mph all the way I would have done, not least as we had to contend with traffic for this afternoon's London Irish rugby match at Twickers.

So here is Hastur the Unspeakable One, named by Paul and specially selected for her yellow colouring. She seems the quieter of the two, but we shall see if she settles in well:

And this little girl is Mokele-Mbembe, "one who stops the flow of rivers". It seems highly appropriate that she fell in her water dish as soon as she got home. She's definitely more curious about the world at the moment:

The tank will be big enough for them for the next few years, and after that we may invest in one of the actual furniture-like tanks. They are already showing their different personalities - Hastur slunk off to hide under a cactus and Mokele started plotting her escape. She's currently asleep at the very top of the cage under the lamp!

They didn't seem too fussed about eating. Paul dangled a couple of waxworms (the gecko equivalent of a McDonalds meal) in front of them but they weren't interested, so we'll let them get over the shock of being woken up, shoved in a plastic box, driven 20 miles and plonked in a new home and try to get them eating a bit later.


1 comment:

  1. They're so cute! Hastur will grow out of her yellow patches. She's just young--as she matures, the black patches will break up and cover her body. Interesting experiment: take a picture of her now, and then every time she sheds. You'll be able to see her colors rearrange themselves over time!

    Leopards don't need huge tanks, though. I'll have to take a picture of my settup, but it housed three geckos for many years without any scuffles or problems. It's interesting that Mokele is a climber--none of my geckos have EVER been climbers, so that's pretty awesome.


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